Canna Curious Consultation

This program is for you if:
  • You are Cannabis nieve and want to be informed on how to choose and use the most effective cannabis combination for your specific health and wellness purposes
  • You would like to reduce your reliance on pharmaceuticals
  • You want to feel confident when visiting a dispensary to make the most therapeutic and cost effective choices
What you receive
  • 60 minute RN Consult with review of medical history, diagnosis, medications, lifestyle and current symptoms
  • 30 day support via email and one 30 minutes follow- up call
  • A suggested care plan to safely utilize cannabis for symptom management and overall health and wellness
  • Resources and informational handouts to access safe cannabis products
  • Access to the FaceBook group The Pro-Immunity Lifestyle for ongoing support and education
Senior and Vetern Discount ($200)

8 week Pro- Immunity Lifestyle Re-Boot

Learn how to curate a pro-immunity lifestyle that blends traditional and, cutting-edge holistic medical and mindset practices to help you cultivate a strong immune system, Out Create Illness and re-activate your natural healing ability so you can Stay OUT of the hospital and into Life.

This program is for you if:
  • You have cancer or are suffering from the debilitating effects of an acute or chronic illness and want to integrate science – backed, holistic therapies for symptom management and potential cure
  • Are you struggling with chronic pain, anxiety or having trouble sleeping and want explore cannabis and other natural therapies to be less reliant on pharmaceuticals
  • You are preparing for surgery and want a to learn how to use cannabis and frequency therapy for a rapid recovery with less pain, inflammation and dependence on opioids
  • Desire to reclaim your health, and strengthen your your immune system so you can reduce the risk of a life threatening diagnosis and instead live a life of ease and joy
What you receive
  • 4 weekly 1 hour ZOOM consultation with Denise curating a personalized Energized Body Plan to support for your health goals
  • 4 – 30 min follow – up phone sessions
  • Access via email
  • Complementary 8 weekly HEALY sessions ( $760 savings)
  • Detox, Rest and Restore Product Package included ($550 value)
  • Pro- Immunity ecookbook included (9.99 Value)
  • 20% discount on CBD products
  • Guidance as safe effective use of cannabis to use for your specific health request instruction in mindfulness based practices like meditation, gentle AM/PM yoga practices, Journey Dance and positive psychology to optimize your body’s ability to manage stress and heal.
  • You will have a personalized Pro – Immunity Lifestyle plan for healing using a whole being approach integrating meditation, mindset techniques, movement, power nutrients, cannabis/CBD and detoxification
(ask about buddy pricing)
10% Senior and Vet discount