Tired of Feeling Tired?

It's time to put the ZING Back in Your Life!



A Five Week Holistic Wellness Program To Revitalize Your Health,

Lift Your Spirits & Put The Spring Back In Your Step.


♦ Feeling down for no reason? ♦ Your body Is dragging? ♦ Having trouble sleeping?

♦ Curious how cannabis & other alternative options can help you get off meds?

♦ You want to feel happier, healthier, more playful and connected in your life?



We often know what to do, but it can be overwhelming

to put into action in our daily lives, especially with no support.​

"This was a great program to start my spring!
I feel more energetic and have overall good health practices!"
Grace T




What is energized living anyway?

Energized Living is a way of living that supports your whole mind, body, and spirit.  We make choices that bring your mind, body, and soul to a higher vibration.

It’s all about energy- receiving and giving

With Energized Living you can:

  • → Live without pain.
  • → Stay active.
  • → Enjoy life and feel loved.


But taking care of ourselves doesn’t necessarily mean massive changes, strict regimens, deprivation, or medication.

We can nurture ourselves with some small natural steps to bring the balance – and the joy – back to our lives.

In this 5- Week Energized Living we’ll have some fun and make small tweaks so we can:


Nurture ourselves with some small natural steps to bring the balance – and the joy – back to our lives.

  • Get restful sleep.
  • Begin our days feeling calm.
  • Manage the stressors  from the outside world.
  • Reduce inflammation to move and feel better.
  • Feel happier and more grateful for the gifts we’ve been given.


But taking care of ourselves doesn’t necessarily mean massive changes, strict regimens, deprivation, or medication

We can nurture ourselves with some small natural steps to bring the balance – and the joy – back to our lives.

"I am so happy I made the decision to pursue the path of holistic healing and progressive care.
I am so excited to apply it to my daily life!"

Small Changes... Big Difference!

My clients are always telling me “the changes were so small, I’m surprised at the big difference.” 


That’s the secret!


We don’t need major diet changes, intense exercise regimens, or hour-long meditation sessions to bring relief. 

All we’re doing is bringing it up a notch…one little notch at a time.

"I use Denise's easy breathing exercises and I can already notice my day
starting out feeling calmer, more grounded."
Susan G.

What Will We Do in the 5 week

Energized Living Program

Breathwork session to raise our energy and frequency


♥ Soothe our parasympathetic nervous system


♥ Unlock your body’s innate power to heal itself


♥ Lower your heart rate and blood pressure


♥ Easy to do anywhere any time

Sacred Morning Practice to Begin Our Day Calm and Connected


♥ Connect you to your inner self, God, or the universe

♥ Make more faith-based decisions over fear-based decisions

♥ Become more resilient to stress and challenges

♥ Tap into gratitude, which has been proven to boost our moods

How to Use Food To Optimize Your Natural Healing

♥ Get inspired with fresh new recipes that are both healthy and delicious

♥ Moderate your alcohol and still have fun

♥ Explore intermittent fasting for healthy aging


♥ Entertain and socialize with high vibrational foods


How to Detox Your Body and Your Mind

→ Reduce the toxic load on your body

→ Positively rewire your brain and mindset

→ Use your free Dr. Christopher Shade’s renowned liver detox


Weekly Virtual Energy Sessions


  Connect with your body’s energetic field


  Activate self-healing through frequency and vibration


 Boost your energy and mood


Nourish Our Endocannabinoid System to Maintain Health and Balance


→ Reduce inflammation, pain, or discomfort


→ Relieve anxiety and depression and “low mood”


→ Boost your immune system


→ Get restful sleep at night


Use the Power of Journey Dance to Heal and Have Fun


→ Boost confidence 


→ Decreases anxiety and depression


→ Improve muscle tone and strength


→ Increase our endurance, flexibility, and coordination


→ Feel the bliss


Finally, Get the Restorative Sleep We Need

→ Fall asleep peacefully at bedtime

→ Stay asleep through the night

→ Wake up with our bodies and minds fully rested

→ Enjoy the energy and focus that comes with a good night’s sleep

What You Get When You Sign Up

→ Healthy Summer Entertaining Menu and Recipes, a $25 value!
→ Energized Living Intermittent Fast Eating Plan and Recipes, $50 value!
→ 5 Weekly 1 Hour ZOOM Energized Living Training sessions, a $1000 value!
→ Dr. Christopher Shade’s 30 day Liver Detox, a $200 value!
→ 5 Guided Meditations, a $50 value!
→ Morning Wake up and Evening Wind Down Gentle Yoga Flows, $75 value!
→ Denise’s Curated High Vibe Playlist for Meditation, Dance and Chill, $30 value!


Sign Up Now & Receive These Special Bonuses


 30 minute Private Canna Therapeutics Coaching session –

A review of your health history and personalized formula to meet your health needs,

a $150 value!


 20% Discount on Green Nurse Vetted CBD products !


 Meditation Goodie Box with Erva Celestial CBD, Delta 8 infused Ancient oil blend, a $50 value!


Denise’s Canna Dark Chocolate Class ! Learn how to make your own THC or CBD edibles, a $300 value!


"I've always had trouble sleeping and I've tried every supplement I could think of just to get some sleep.
After working with Denise, I have never been so rested! I wake up completely restored."

This doesn’t have to be hard...let’s have some joy

I’m Denise Costello, RN, MS, and Holistic Cannabis Nurse.

For over 30 years, I’ve helped people use cutting-edge natural methods of


♦ managing the effects of stress

♦ chronic illness

♦ reducing inflammation

♦ alleviating pain

♦ relieving anxiety and depression

♦ getting better sleep

♦ bringing more joy into their life



We’re going to play, dance, and explore how making small tweaks to our lives can turn

up the happiness and inspiration.




Let’s revitalize our health together in our 5 Week Energized Living Program!



♦ Live virtual sessions weekly at 12pm EST. 

Our sessions will start Wednesday, April 28th for 8 souls who are ready to step into an Energized Life!

We will gather in a private Facebook community for support and fun offline!

The value of this program is $2,490 but you’re getting it for $1,197!

Early Bird pricing of $997 if you sign up by Friday, April 23!


Grab your spot and step into an energized lifestyle!

"I'm feeling great! I'm so excited that I'm making better choices and I've even lost 5 pounds."
Ava G