Learn how you can use Cannabis and CBD for health and wellness

Denise Costello

Registered Nurse, Stress Reduction Holistic Cannabis Nurse

I’m a cannabis nurse, stress reduction expert and creator of Pro-Immunity Lifestyle Formula. I have over 30 years experience as a registered nurse and health expert.

Throughout my career, I noticed the number one, most devastating factor on health, is STRESS…especially for women and moms! I’m here to share the most effective and natural ways we can revitalize our health, minimize the impact stress has on our daily lives so you can get off meds, stay out of the hospital and live more fun, fulfilling lives.

Canna Curious Consultation

This program is for you if:
  • You are Cannabis nieve and want to be informed on how to choose and use the most effective cannabis combination for your specific health and wellness purposes
  • You would like to reduce your reliance on pharmaceuticals
  • You want to feel confident when visiting a dispensary to make the most therapeutic and cost effective choices
What you receive
  • 60 minute RN Consult with review of medical history, diagnosis, medications, lifestyle and current symptoms
  • 30 day support via email and one 30 minutes follow- up call
  • A suggested care plan to safely utilize cannabis for symptom management and overall health and wellness
  • Resources and informational handouts to access safe cannabis products
  • Access to the FaceBook group The Energized Body for ongoing support and education
Senior and Vetern Discount ($200)

If you would like:

  • To pursue an individualized approach
  • To optimize your cannabis result
  • To reduce your reliance on pharmaceuticals
  • To use cannabis to manage stress, inflammation, and improve a chronic, complex medical condition.
Seeking a nurse consultation is important to ensure safe and optimal medical cannabis use

GreenNurse Group Special
Medical Card Certification

Medical Cannabis Cards

(for limited time pricing)

$100 card renewal and gift card
$150 card, consult, gift card

What is the process for getting a Medical Cannabis Card?

Process For Medical Card – 2 Calls / RN & NP

  • 1. Go to this link to Complete all online paperwork and pay
  • 2. Set an appointment for phone or video conference
  • 3. Appointment via phone or video conference with an RN and NP at separate scheduled times for both consultation and card.
  • 4. RN 30 min educational consultation and intake form review
  • 5. NP 10 min online registration
  • 6. Temporary card available that day and will be emailed to print.
  • 7. Email sent that day with info on how to register with the state to get permanent card.
  • 8. Emails with resources, dispensaries and special deals and coupon codes
  • 9. $25 GIFT CARD to
Why register or renew with the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Program? What are the benefits of getting a medical card?
  • 1. Save at least 20% on taxes. Medical patients do not pay taxes at the registered medical dispensaries.
  • 2. 56 Medical Dispensaries approved for sales in Massachusetts.
  • 3. Discount programs and vouchers
  • 4. Medical Cannabis Home Delivery
  • 5. Register up to two caregivers who are able to pick up your medicine on your behalf.
  • 6. Higher dosed edible products for medical cannabis patients.
  • 7. Patient supply is protected. Medical dispensaries must reserve 35% of their supply for registered
  • 8. Patients don’t have to wait in the same lines as adult use consumers.
  • 9. Patient home cultivation is different. All registered patients are allowed to grow and maintain their
    own 60-day supply.
  • 10. Federal medical protections exist.

Canna Health Socials

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Canna Restorative Yoga
Cannabis education

Stress management practices

In a fun safe environment