Learn how you can use Cannabis and CBD for health and wellness

Denise Costello

Registered Nurse, Stress Reduction Holistic Cannabis Nurse

I’m a Holistic Cannabis Nurse, and the creator of The Energized Living Retreats where  I teach on the endocannabinoid system and how to effectively reduce pain, anxiety, insomnia, stress, and other effects of chronic illness using cutting-edge, holistic therapies and medical-grade cannabis.

I became a nurse because I didn’t want to see people suffer.

And I became a holistic cannabis nurse because I saw the gap between traditional medicine and complete healing, mind, body and soul.

I have created the  Energized Living method a holistic Wellness home retreat that teaches you how to naturally and joyfully activate your own self-healing to revitalize your health, lift your spirits, and put the zing back into your life. 

Canna-Curious Consultation

 This program is for you if:
  • You are Cannabis naive and want to be informed on how to choose and use the most effective cannabis combination for your specific health and wellness purposes
  • You would like to reduce your reliance on pharmaceuticals
  • You want to feel confident when visiting a dispensary to make the most therapeutic and cost effective choices
What you receive
  • 60 minute RN Consult with review of medical history, diagnosis, medications, and current symptoms complete with Energized Living Lifestyle recommendations
  • 30 day support via email and one 30 minutes follow- up call
  • A suggested care plan and Energized Living Lifestyle tips to safely utilize cannabis for symptom management and overall health and wellness
  • Resources and informational handouts to access safe cannabis products
  • FREE Membership to the Holistic Caring Network for patients, providers and healthcare professionals TO GET YOUR LEARN ON ABOUT HOLISTIC HEALTH AND CANNABIS WELLNESS
  • Free support group
  • Free book club where we will be reading different cannabis books and discussing them
  • Free monthly webinar
  • Access to all The Green Nurse Podcasts
  • Access to cannabis nurses and health professionals in a private setting
  • Access to cannabis nurses and health professionals in a private setting
  • Access to self-paced programs
  • Access to Green Nurse Approved products and services
  • Access to our CBD marketplace
Senior and Veteran Discount ($325)

If you would like:

  • To pursue an individualized approach
  • To optimize your cannabis result
  • To reduce your reliance on pharmaceuticals
  • To use cannabis to manage stress, inflammation, and improve a chronic, complex medical condition.
Seeking a nurse consultation is important to ensure safe and optimal medical cannabis use

College Stress

Consultation Package


A recent Boston University study showed anxiety symptoms affecting 41.5% of adults.

And guess which age group had the highest rates? Ages 19-29… right in that college and young adulthood phase.

Thankfully there is a way to help young adults through this.

I’ve got this college stress consultation package, I put together JUST FOR YOU!

Package Includes:

  • What is CBD and how to use it properly to regulate anxiety
  • Why CBD may be a better option than the THC (let’s face it, there’s plenty of pot in college!)
  • Other healthy ways to regulate their parasympathetic system (such as movement and meditation)
  • How to chose products that won’t impair your focus and clarity
  • Suggested products and doses
  • Nutrition and how to nourish yourself with dorm-friendly foods


In honor of my 60th Birthday, I’m offering you $100 off the cost of the college stress consultation package!!*

*When booked by January 7, 2022.




What is the process for getting a Medical Cannabis Card?


  • 1. Go to Complete all online paperwork and pay.
  • 2. Set an appointment for a phone or video conference
  • 3. Appointment via phone or video conference with an RN and NP at separate scheduled times for both consultation and card.
  • 4. RN 30 min educational consultation and intake form review
  • 5. NP 10 min online registration
  • 6. Temporary card available that day and will be emailed to print.
  • 7. Email sent that day with info on how to register with the state to get permanent card.
  • 8. Emails with resources, dispensaries and special deals and coupon codes
Why register or renew with the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Program? What are the benefits of getting a medical card?
  • 1. Save at least 20% on taxes. Medical patients do not pay taxes at the registered medical dispensaries.
  • 2. 56 Medical Dispensaries approved for sales in Massachusetts.
  • 3. Discount programs and vouchers
  • 4. Medical Cannabis Home Delivery
  • 5. Register up to two caregivers who are able to pick up your medicine on your behalf.
  • 6. Higher dosed edible products for medical cannabis patients.
  • 7. Patient supply is protected. Medical dispensaries must reserve 35% of their supply for registered
  • 8. Patients don’t have to wait in the same lines as adult use consumers.
  • 9. Patient home cultivation is different. All registered patients are allowed to grow and maintain their
    own 60-day supply.
  • 10. Federal medical protections exist.

Canna Health Socials

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Canna Restorative Yoga
Cannabis education

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