Spring Ayurvedic Reset

Written by amyr

February 27, 2015

It is the end of February, the end (hopefully) of snow storms and freezing temperatures. Even though the amount of snow was a challenge, I actually enjoyed the retreat into the home. Life slowed down a bit and it allowed me try some new recipes and plan for my upcoming

Spring Ayurvedic Reset

  • I have heard from many of you that you are trying to eat healthier but… those last few pounds won’t come off, you still feel tired, have digestive unease or are uninspired when it comes to putting a home-cooked meal on the table.
  • How about a program where you could tackle all those issues and learn how to heal your body holistically, through food?

Join me and my friend Emily Griffin as we introduce you to the principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the ancient medical wellness system of India that helps find the right dietary plan for your individual body. The system encourages simplicity by using organic foods, spices and herbal remedies along with lifestyle habits such as yoga and meditation to bring the body back to its own balance. The tools Ayurveda teaches help keep the body healthy, feeling great and free from imbalances.

You will learn to prepare easy recipes and gain an understanding of your unique blueprint for healthy living.

Emily is an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist and a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. Emily’s goal is to work with individuals to overcome imbalances and maintain health through diet, lifestyle and yoga.

Watch this video as we explain what Ayurveda is and how it can help You!

There will be two parts to the Spring Ayurvedic Reset: choose one or both!

Part 1 – Pantry Detox: A Healthy Kitchen for a Healthy You!

Day: March 11th at 11:30am-1pm
Evening: March 12th at 7pm-8:30pm

Let's make it look like this!

Let’s make it look like this!

This is a great foundational session! You will:

  • Learn what foods are toxic, what foods heal and where to find them!
  • Get healthy recipes plus a grocery list
  • Join the Energized Body Team Online forum

When you are finished, you will:

  • Have a kitchen stocked with healthy choices
  • Know how to make fast healthy dinners — from your pantry
  • Enjoy faster — and healthier — food shopping

Price: $67 solo or $49/each with a friend

Pantry Detox button**Bonus** Register by March 6th & receive

One hour consultation with Denise plus
A month of Spring Recipes

$197 value!  


Part 2 – Spring Ayurvedic Reset

Denise Costello     Yummy Food Choices         Emily Griffin

Denise Costello — yummy food! — Emily Griffin

I will be joined by my friend Emily Griffin, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist and certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. The Spring Ayurvedic Reset will bring you back into balance by providing a Spring Detox based on the system of Ayurveda.

Session One: Introduction to Ayurveda

Day: March 18th at 11:30am-1pm
Evening: March 19th at 7pm-8:30pm

  • Learn how Ayurveda can help you
  • Determine your individual nature/dosha
  • Tastings and food demo
  • 4-day Detox, based on your individual dosha
  • Recipes and meals for the remainder of the week
  • Email access and support from Denise and Emily
  • Join The Energized Body Team Online forum

Session Two: Healthy Living with Ayurveda  

Day: March 25th at 11:30am-1pm
Evening: March 26th at 7pm-8:30pm

  • 3 simple ways of incorporating Ayurveda into modern living
  • Meal planning strategies for home and travel
  • Tastings and food demo
  • Transitional recipes for quick everyday meals

Classes will be held in Denise’s Kitchen in Winchester



Spring Ayurvedic Button**Bonus** Register by March 6th & receive

One hour consultation with Denise plus
A month of Spring Recipes

$197 value!  


Option 1: Pantry Detox (one session)

$67 solo or $49/each with a friend

Option 2: Intro to Ayurveda & Healthy Living with Ayurveda (two sessions)

$257 solo or $215/each with a friend

Option 3: Pantry Detox & Spring Ayurvedic Rest (three sessions)

$287 solo or $245/each with a friend


Ready to find out what foods specifically work best for keeping your body balanced and healthy? Then grab a friend and join us as we rejuvenate our bodies with Ayurvedic principles and learn to feel our best!

— Denise


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