Sober October

Written by Denise

Denise Costello is a Cannabis Nurse and Educator, Holistic Health Coach, and Creator of the Energized Living Method. She teaches people how to reach a better quality of life through the safe utilization of plant medicine and other progressive tools. Denise is on a mission to erase the stigma associated with getting high so more people who are in pain and suffering can heal and remain resilient during times of extreme physical and mental challenges, knowing their whole body is protected and fortified with what it needs to stay off meds, active and enjoy life.

December 6, 2021

Okay, okay – Sober October isn’t for everyone. 

For those of us who grew up with red wine and Manhattans, it’s not easy!  🍷

It’s so ingrained as a way to socialize and relax (like in my Irish Catholic family).  But it’s not without its consequences – especially as we get older.  – I can’t metabolize alcohol like I used to.

So what’s the alternative?

For so long, cannabis got a bad rap.  Remember the 80’s campaign – “this is your brain on drugs” with the famous video of the fried egg?

But what about your brain on alcohol?  Have you noticed there are no major PSA campaigns about THAT? 

The truth is… alcohol negatively affects several regions of your brain:

  • The amygdala, which regulates our fight or flight response
  • Your frontal lobe, which controls our decision making 
  • The hippocampus, which affects our memory (have you ever asked “what exactly happened last night”?)

Usually, these suppressions begin with 1-2 drinks and then resolve themselves once the alcohol is metabolized… but for long-term alcohol use brings permanent damage to the brain and liver.

Plus, let’s face it. As we age, we can no longer metabolize alcohol the same way!  

Sober October (or “California Sober”) is the perfect way to reduce (or eliminate) alcohol and still have fun, using cannabis-infused goodies to nourish your body.

You know, when I first started talking about cannabis as a healthier alternative to alcohol, I wasn’t sure anyone was listening.

Now all of a sudden, everyone’s coming out of the woodwork.

From a crowd who never talked about cannabis publicly, I’m getting text messages and phone calls from colleagues and friends who want to:

  • Avoid the extra calories (and carbs) of beer and wine 
  • Want to unwind a little bit without the puffy eyes and hangover 
If you know me, I’m all about small shifts for big impact…and Sober October / California Sober is the perfect way to try it out.

Check out my guest appearance on Green Nurse Podcast about the benefits 



I confess… when I do Sober October, I do miss the “bite” of alcohol – specifically that biting taste of bourbon.

So here’s my trick for a bourbon mocktail:

  • Kombucha on ice (a ginger or cayenne kombucha)
  • Some bubbly seltzer
  • A spritz of bitters!

This fun drink gives you the bite of alcohol and the fun bubbles – but no bags under your eyes the next day!

For a little boost of feel-good energy, you can add a drop of Levia’s Water Soluble Cannabis Tincture to your mocktail. 


So what’s holding you back from trying?

If you’re a newbie to cannabis – let’s do it together!  

 The Green Nurses are here to guide you and support you through this process.

 You can find me and the other Green Nurses Here on this FREE supportive community of holistic health professionals (including me!) 

You can even request me for your consult at Holistic Caring!! You can also work with me through my Canna-Curious Consultation package. I would be honored to be your guide 

 See you there,




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