The Most Important Person To Thank

Written by Denise

Denise Costello is a Cannabis Nurse and Educator, Holistic Health Coach, and Creator of the Energized Living Method. She teaches people how to reach a better quality of life through the safe utilization of plant medicine and other progressive tools. Denise is on a mission to erase the stigma associated with getting high so more people who are in pain and suffering can heal and remain resilient during times of extreme physical and mental challenges, knowing their whole body is protected and fortified with what it needs to stay off meds, active and enjoy life.

December 6, 2021

I’ve figured out why I love fall… the cozy blankets, the crisp air, the brilliant colored leaves playing their stunning swan song.

It’s such a natural time to turn inward – the universe seems to encourage us to slow down, restore, and reflect.  The fall harvest is a time where we count our blessings, nourish our bodies with good food, and connect with loved ones.


That’s why Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays…we give thanks in a way that feels good (not to mention the stuffing)

It feels good because being in a state of gratitude is one of the best ways to connect with God and Spirit.  When we are in the presence of something good, we feel supported by the Universe. Whatever we appreciate, we create more of. And that’s such a powerful energy.


Catholics like me are especially reminded of feeling gratitude and remembering those who have passed away on All Souls Day this week, where we pause to remember those who have passed away this year. 


In last weekend’s Saturday morning prayer session, I remembered the year that both my parents passed away unexpectedly. 

Women meditating while sitting on the floor

October is the month of Mary and the Rosary

Click to watch my prayer session

My father had just sold his business as my parents happily prepared to begin their “golden years”  of retirement, travel long walks, and spoil their grandchildren.  But life had other plans for them.  My mother passed away suddenly in March that year – a terrible shock to us all.  

My father was completely lost without her and passed away suddenly just a few months later in November.  

Around this time of year. I am always reminded of my last real visit with him – his first Halloween without my mother.  Over a bowl full of candy, we exchanged chili recipe tips and predicted a Notre Dame win between doorbells and trick-or-treaters. 

And I remember savoring the moment of having my father all to myself, for just a day. That was the last time I saw him laughing and enjoying life.

Seeing my Dad on that stretcher, having just lost my mother seven months prior, I was facing the raw fact that life is fleeting.


When faced with our own mortality and the fact that we have such a short time on this beautiful planet, let’s take a look at how to live the good life, and what that means for us.


Especially now that COVID made us slow down and pause, we can look at our life and decide how we truly want to live our lives.



In fact, taking care of ourselves bolsters our resiliency so we can give strength and love to those around us, especially those who need it most:

Whether it’s parenting teenagers through the awkward years, caring for aging parents who are losing their abilities and independence, or friends and family suffering through financial or mental health crises…we have a lot on our plate.

And it can be hard to “justify” taking care of ourselves when others need so much more. But that’s how we can make real change on our time here on earth.



Earlier this year, a client came to me because her teenage daughter Alexa had been consumed by anxiety and depression.  In addition to being treated by a physician, I provided my Energized living methods for her daughter, teaching her tools about plant medicine yoga, meditation, and nourishing foods.                                                           

I ran into her this summer and was blown away by her beautiful transformation. 

Alexa was posed and confident, with ease her mother hadn’t seen in years. 

After working through my plan this spring, both Alexa and her mother had established some centering and mindful habits that restored their energy and confidence instead of depleting it. Alexa even lost a little weight because she was moving more and eating foods that were both rich with nutrients but satisfying and fun as well.

It’s time to get back to basics. It’s okay to feel good…and there are so many ways to get there. 


Especially for those of us who take care of others – it’s okay for us to nourish ourselves. In fact, it’s actually necessary!

I’ve designed my Day With Denise as a beautiful time set aside JUST FOR YOU!


Because we can’t help others when we’re drained and depleted. And because it’s okay to feel good!



Who doesn’t deserve a 4-hour respite to nurture and renew their own body and soul?


  Let’s discover a new way of healing – and have fun doing it.

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