I Have A Confession To Make

Written by Denise

Denise Costello is a Cannabis Nurse and Educator, Holistic Health Coach, and Creator of the Energized Living Method. She teaches people how to reach a better quality of life through the safe utilization of plant medicine and other progressive tools. Denise is on a mission to erase the stigma associated with getting high so more people who are in pain and suffering can heal and remain resilient during times of extreme physical and mental challenges, knowing their whole body is protected and fortified with what it needs to stay off meds, active and enjoy life.

December 6, 2021

I Have A Confession To Make


Raise your hand if you’ve ever said “I’ve got it covered.”

Confession time: that was me.

Having studied the human body for years, I knew the positive effects of meditation. I knew it could reduce stress (and dangerous cortisol hormone levels). I knew it could help with anxiety and depression. I knew ALL of the benefits.

But I said, “it’s okay, I’ve got it covered.”

You see, I am a practicing Catholic.  My life was rich with deeply spiritual time at church, in prayer, and with the rosary – so that was as good as meditation…right?

the positive effects of meditation, Women with arms up in meditation

Something happened that made me realize there was more to it!

One day several years ago, I was on my way to a wake to pay my respects at a funeral for a young person in our community that had been taken too soon.  My friend Vanessa had arranged a meeting to discuss a professional collaboration and I was in such a somber mood that I almost canceled. But it was the only time we could meet, so I kept the appointment.

Boy am I glad I did. Vanessa, a local meditation teacher and author of Metta Mom, had always dreamed of opening up a magical space where anyone in the local area could explore meditation and other modalities of centering and healing.

A new vacant space opened up in town and she jumped at the chance – and wanted me to provide the nutritional education at her meditation studio.

At this moment, I realized this was my way to bring some hope and healing to my community. So together we created a beautiful mediation studio and healing oasis called Chrysallis. 

the positive effects of meditation- candle, bowl, shrine

And it was at Chrysallis that I thought “Okay, I will try some meditation.”

Wow!  It was an incredible experience – beyond what I could have imagined.  And so different (but complementary) to my usual spiritual practices.

Prayer and rosary are very outward spiritual practices – speaking to God and to Mary. 

Meditation is a tool to drop inward and make an even deeper connection to God or spirit by connecting to ourselves.

I should have known how much my meditation practice magnified my spirituality – I had been studying mindfulness for years!  


Sometimes even though we know what to do…we just can’t seem to do it.

I can’t tell you how many experienced nurses (who save countless lives) and high-performance professionals (with incredible achievements) come to me because they need some guidance on nurturing themselves.  

  • Their physical health goes on the back burner because their life is so busy
  • They lean on processed foods and take out that doesn’t fuel them with good nutrients
  • They are doing so much for the world that there’s nothing left for their own inner peace and joy
  • There’s no time to just stop, breath, and build a realistic plan for true self-care



If you already know what to do…but just can’t seem to do it… I’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Turn off your phone notifications and get out of the house or workplace to take just a half-day for yourself.

Don’t you deserve it?  You’ll be glad you did.

My last client sent me the sweetest email:

“I’m feeling so good…next level good! I know it was many hours ago…but the energy is real.  Blessed to have you as my new coach”


You’re never too old for “next level good!”

 Book a call to find a sustainable (and fun) way to put it all into practice

Feeling guilty about doing something for yourself?  Don’t!!

Because we’re not at our best when our body and soul are depleted. 

You know it’s true!

Book your call now so you can enjoy the holidays.  We were meant to celebrate!

P.S.  This would make a great Christmas or New Year’s gift…even to yourself 

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